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When companies make promises they don’t keep or use misleading advertising practices to cheat you out of money, it can feel like you’re alone and overwhelmed. However, you have rights and deserve to be protected from businesses that prey on trusting consumers.

If a business has used fraudulent practices to take advantage of you, you could be entitled to compensation. Schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys by calling (540) 345-5890 or completing a simple online form. We will listen to your story and help you understand your legal options.

Below, we have more information that may help if you or a loved one has been affected by a consumer rights issue.

We Fight for Your Rights in the Marketplace

The consumer protection attorneys at Fishwick & Associates work to defend consumers harmed by misleading advertising and harmful business practices. We have successfully handled cases related to:

  • Misleading sales practices
  • Deceptive advertising
  • Bait-and-switch promotions
  • Abusive debt collection practices
  • Confusing credit financing or reporting
  • Deceptive student loan practices
  • Deceptive credit card promotions

If you’re facing these or other challenges related to misleading advertising or fraud, the commercial protection attorneys at Fishwick & Associates are ready to review your case.

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If you are a victim of consumer fraud, you may feel like you’re on your own, but the attorneys at Fishwick & Associates are here for you. We’re experienced in defending consumer rights and getting justice when companies take advantage of you. For more information and a free case evaluation, please give us a call at (540) 345-5890 or fill out our simple online form.

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