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All U.S. citizens and residents are guaranteed certain rights and freedoms. When someone infringes those essential rights, you need a dedicated, experienced lawyer who will fight for you. The legal team at Fishwick & Associates helps defend their clients’ civil rights.

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Below, we have more information that may help if you have had your fundamental civil rights violated.

What Are Common Civil Rights Cases in Virginia?

Our civil rights attorneys assist victims of:

  • Title VII discrimination — race, age, and gender discrimination in the workplace
  • Equal Pay Act violations
  • Title IX cases — gender discrimination in educational institutions

If you have been affected by these or other civil rights issues, we handle complex cases involving both state and federal civil rights violations, and we tirelessly fight for justice on behalf of our clients and their communities.

There are strict filing deadlines in both state and federal civil rights claims. If you don’t file a complaint within the correct time period, you may lose your right to legal remedies. Because these deadlines are relatively short, you should immediately contact Fishwick & Associates to discuss your civil rights violation.

What Compensation Is Available in Virginia Civil Rights Cases?

A civil rights violation can change your life forever, causing economic hardship, emotional distress, and other suffering.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for compensation related to lost income, property damage, pain and suffering, humiliation, punitive damages, and other losses. However, state and federal laws vary dramatically, and you should always consult with an experienced civil rights lawyer before accepting a settlement or filing a discrimination complaint.

What Our Clients Say

Fishwick & Associates is a great law firm. When it was crunch time, they were there for me. They listened to me and researched the law thoroughly. John Fishwick, Monica Mroz, and the staff were great to work with. I highly recommend them.


Mr. Fishwick has a comprehensive command of the law and is a powerful presence in the courtroom. His intelligence and his work ethic make him a strong advocate and a relentless defender. He’s a fighter who adheres to the highest ethical standards.


First class service from the Fishwick team. My first contact was with Amy Guthrie. She led me right to Mr. Fishwick. They did a super good job for me. Thank you all for winning my case.


At every step, I felt that Mr. Fishwick, Ms. Ching, and Ms. Guthrie were including me in deliberations, sharing knowledge and strategy, and working hours upon hours to prepare (well in advance of deadlines). They are kind and respectful as well as savvy and thorough. I cannot recommend them more highly.


Regain Control With Help From a Virginia Civil Rights Lawyer

If you’ve experienced a breach of your civil rights, you’re probably angry and scared. To get the answers you deserve, you need an experienced civil rights attorney with experience and tenacity to fight for your fundamental rights. John Fishwick and his team have over 35 years of experience protecting the civil rights of vulnerable Virginia residents and can help you understand your legal options.

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