Title IX and Employment Discrimination

: Title IX and employment discrimination

In the same way that educational institutions and school systems must not discriminate in their treatment of men and women’s sports programs, educational institutions and school systems that receive federal funds cannot discriminate on the basis of sex in employment. Accordingly, in appropriate circumstances, a claim under Title IX for employment discrimination, either on its…

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Virginia’s Hazing Statute Provides Criminal Penalties and Enables Civil Claims

hazing injury lawyer

The dictionary defines hazing as “an initiation process involving harassment.” That definition does little to capture the humiliating, abusive, and dangerous acts that are associated with hazing in American universities and high schools. Nor do media depictions of hazing, from the comparatively tame Animal House to the raunchier Old School, adequately reflect the reality of…

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Ask Me Anything About the Constitution

TALKING POINTS – Laura Wagner, ESQ. I.  BACKGROUND A.  After the Revolutionary War, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and George Washington feared the country was on the brink of collapse.  Existing constitution, The Articles of Confederation, was not sufficient. B.  Organized a Constitutional Convention to meet in Philadelphia in summer of 1787. C.  The framework of the…

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